Favorite Memories

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“Primary characteristic was love and unselfishness without asking for anything in return.”
“Doing everything she could to make sure her kids had everything we needed.”
“...made us feel special.”
“very protective”
“lover of sports and her involvement in all of our sports activities”
“harassing referees and getting kicked out of the gym”
“Driving us wherever we needed to go, including other players to Manual Stadium”
“Always working”
“Visiting her at her elementary school with previous students coming back to visit her”
“Showering her kids and grandkids with Christmas presents”
“Always in my corner in times of need”


“Loyalty and generosity”
“Her #1 characteristic—her kids and grandkids came first—if there was a choice between her well-being or her kids, she would always pick her kids”
“Defending her kids even when they were wrong”
“Beating the snot out of Mike Silliman's mom when she threw rocks at me while I was fighting with him”
“Love for sports—watching NFL games; coming to every one of our games as kids”
“Her love for games”
“Letting me watch her play ROOK with Marvin & Olice Aubrey”
“Making up games to play since there was no TV as a young kid”
“Biscuits & Gravy”
“Christmas Presents”
“Huge variety and amount of food at family meals”
“Her love of Meathead”
“Her time with Regina”
“”Taking care of Dad and her Mom”
“Pitch & catch on Earl”
“How much her students loved her”
“Her support for Grandpa Murphy”
“All the different jobs she had”
“Complaining about the wait in doctors' offices”


“Playing on basketball teams and softball teams with my Mom”
“Making everything fun”
“When I entered first grade, I actually thought I was the cutest, smartest kid who ever entered Frazier School because she made each of us feel so special and so loved.”
“Loved all her family more than anything in the world.”
“She was my best friend and was always with me during the good times of my life and the sad times.”
“Best example I know for how to be a good teacher, mother, grandmother & friend”


“The most loving Grandmother I could ever imagine”
“She was so giving. At Christmas we got so many toys we could barely get them all home. It was always the latest things to come out.”
“The most important things she gave us were her time and love.”


“Anytime you came to Granny's you could always grab a Coke and an ice cream sandwich”
“Greatest thing in the world was to stay at Granny's for about a week.”
“Great for movies, bowling and all kinds of fun”
“Making forts in her backyard”
“Everybody was always welcome at Granny's—no matter who it was.”


“World famous cheeseburgers anytime day or night”
“Her fierce loyalty—If you were part of her family no matter what you did—good, bad or otherwise, she was on your side.”


“Had everything you wanted for breakfast, like magic”
“Playing Bunco, going to putt-putt”
“Loved her stories about protecting her children”
“Her seemingly effortless way of making family gatherings so much fun”
“Unconditional love for her family—didn't matter what you did—she loved you”


“Playing many games of Bunco at the kitchen table”
“Taking us everywhere—putt-putt, bowling, etc.”
“Making up menus with Granny for Grandpa's breakfast with every possible choice so he could pick out what he wanted”
“Lots of good memories and good times”
“Coming to lunch with Granny and Regina to eat Taco salad and chili dogs”
“Going to the State Fair with Granny & Grandpa”
“Making baby dolls & clothes out of old fabric & popsicle sticks”
“Looking at the National Geographics in the basement on Lawrie Lane”
“Playing on the neighbor's swing set and pool”
“Looking through the Sears catalog to circle toys we wanted for Christmas”
“Playing Atari (first video game system)”
“Watching movies including 'The Mystery of Castle House'”
“Watching Days of Our Lives together (I still watch it)”
“Granny calling every year to sing 'Happy Birthday'”
“Stories of taking Meathead to the drive-thru at McDonald's for Big Macs”
“Teaching me math tricks which helped me in school”
“Always telling us to 'Hang Loose, Baby'”
“Later in life Granny wore comfortable t-shirts & pants, but she said when I get married she would show up in leopard print.”
“Loving her family and friends more than anything!”
“She was an amazing person who was one of the greatest influences and role models of my life.”


“My first words 'WATCH IT' imitated Granny saying to Grandpa while he was driving.”
“Kelly and I would have great New Year Eves at Granny's banging pots and pans.”
“Loved making breakfast together with Granny”
“Playing games like Bunco, Uno, and Dominoes”
“Loved her taking us over to the golf course to get golf balls left behind”
“Best memories of just hanging out at Granny's”
“Peanut Butter pie and cheeseburgers”
“Granny reciting, and making me recite Patrick Henry's famous speech 'Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death' (which has always meant a great deal to me)”
“She and Grandpa being at every baseball game of mine cheering me on”
“Unbelievable Christmas mornings where we got more than we could ever ask for”
“Chip beef dip”
“Watching movies on the original Beta-max VCR (for some reason Star Trek II and The Mystery of Castle House stand out as being watched over and over again”
“The original Easter egg hunts for dollars”
“The yearly call on my birthday and her special rendition of the birthday song”
“Always making me feel special in every way”


“Always taking us to the toy store and telling us we could get whatever we wanted—no limits”
“She had a way of making us all feel so special.”
“Granny was always teaching me things. A teacher herself, she taught me how to do math tricks, how to bowl, and how to keep score. Also Gin Rummy and how to read Roman Numerals.”
“Taught me to be strong and to take up for myself, something she taught by example many times”


I look at the picture of Aunt Mary on the bicycle and I can remember all of us piling on fewer bikes than there were kids and riding up to the doughnut store for fresh doughnuts. She made everything an adventure! She often said I was very like her and I considered that a great compliment. She was loving, supporting, gracious, and so much fun. When my son wanted to play t-ball and I didn't have the money to get him the shoes he needed, Aunt Mary bought them for him. She had more energy than anyone I have ever met. I love her. I will always miss her.


I don't think I can remember Aunt Mary without a smile or a joke or a laugh at the ready. We always had the most fun there. I remember a Thanksgiving after Mimi passed and no one had made plans, and on a whim Mom called Aunt Mary and she said "Come on over!". Was such a wonderful Thanksgiving. My fondest memory is the time I got to spend the night with her. Don't remember why I was in Louisville. But we stayed up and watched old black and white comedies on AMC. The Bowery Boys and such. It was one of the best times in my life. Bí ar do bharraicíní Dia, tá Aintín Mary ag teacht!

Yvonne Norton

I started school in 1960 at Nicholas Finzer (located at Broadway and Shelby). There was one teacher you knew immediately because she emitted so much energy, and that was Mrs. McGraw. Mrs. McGraw, was always a very beautiful lady, with a kind, sweet spirit, and an infectious smile. There was always students around her having a good time. I remember the first December I attended school, and before the Santa Claus came out, Mrs. McGraw put on a dance production. It included square dancing and there was even a young lady there that actually wore special shoes that allowed her to toe-dance. This memory has stayed in my mind for many years, how awesome this was, until I almost forgot the Santa was still to come. After that I looked forward to those productions, which she would put on several times a year. My sister square danced with Mrs. McGraw's group. Mrs. McGraw was one of the best 5th Grade teachers we had at our school. Later, when the school moved further up Broadway (to be combined with Rubel Avenue), the name changed to E.G.Breckinridge. I never had her as a teacher, but, I'll always remember her beautiful smile and square dancing.




I could not have asked for a more loving, generous and supportive mother-in-law. Her priority was always her family first, her second. There were so many good family times and we'll really miss her at those times.

Carolyn Childress

As a child I always loved visiting my best friend Nancy's home. Mrs. McGraw was so kind, fun, and always offered me something good to eat!

Ed Aubrey

The wonderful friendship between Mary and my mom & dad (Olice & Marvin).

ONO picnics at Iroquois Park.

The love and attention she gave to all the kids who grew up on Earl Ave.

I love your website tribute for Mary; you all were blessed to have her as a mom. Our family was blessed to have known her as a friend.


Where to start? Granny has touched my life in so many ways I remember all kinds if things that has happened in almost the last 16 years. Her hamburgers were the best! Chip beef dip and derby pies!! I remember sitting at the kitchen table drinking Coca colas and just talking about anything. She tought me how to do some math tricks and she taught me how to play the piano. The first time I met her she was in the basement playing the piano. It was so beauitful. I am blessed to have had her meet my daughter. I remember I got released from the hospital and out first stop was granny's. Mom helped her hold her and granny fed her. I have so many memories that I will carry in my heart forever. I have to say I am grateful for my mom (Regina) and Mary meeting. My mom could not have had a better best friend. They would used to tell stories and laugh all of the time. They were there for each other while
Things where bad or good. I am just happy I knew granny and that she has blessed my mom with the most loving friendship.


I started 16 years ago with grandpa and granny as a job. Little did I know I would gain a new life and family. Some of the best memories I have about Granny was her wanting to go to go JCPS over taking the coca cola machines out of my daughters school, all of the cooking, the love she had for Meathead and her family. I experenced so many things just because she was a part of my life. Granny, Casey, Beth and I went to the brown hotel for lunch because "they had the best hot browns in the town". I gained 30 lbs the first year I was there because of the cooking we did. It would always put a smile on my face when Meathead would have to ride in the front seat everywhere and the passangers would ride in the back. Then Meathead would jump in the back and she would fuss and tell him to get back upfront. She is truly my best friend and would always have a shoulder to cry on for me and a ear to listen and would never judge. I am truly going to miss seeing that beauiful face and my morning kiss that I have gotten and gave for so many years.

Jean Temple

Even though there was 26 years between Mary and I, I never noticed. I went to Finzer elementary. And when I grew up, worked with Mary at Breckenridge. She taught my brother and his class to squaredance. I remember her twirling around in that outfit. I think I have a picture of her somewhere. I can hear her talking about "Woodie". She was so lively. I knew she would live a long time. We had a teacher's basketball team at Breckenridge and we played on it together. I can see her running around that court. We used to come to her house and have our Christmas parties in the basement. I still her recipe for the chipped beef dip. I loved it. We always teased about the "Hot chopped chipped beef dip". That's the way we always said it.I have a copy of the recipe book that we made at Breckenridge with some of her recipes in it. This website is great and brought back a lot of memories. She would of loved it.


I've always appreciated how Granny made me feel so welcome when I married into this family. Granny and Grandpa were like my adoptive grandparents. Also always enjoyed joking around with Granny, with her great sense of humor, as well as her excellent cooking and hospitality.

Alfred "Al" Langdon

Mary was my 5th grade teacher at Rubel Avenue Elementary in 1964-65. She was my all-time favorite teacher! Mary always made me feel special. I will never forget the square dancing, playing softball at recess, her smile and kind demeanor. She started calling me Al instead Of Alfred. Thanks. Mary made learning fun and enjoyable. It was and always will be the best school year of my life. When she found out I went into the Air Force she wrote to me and we corresponded often. It was always great to here from her. We talked on the phone from time to time. She always asked about my twin sons and how my life was going. I credit her in no small part to the person i am today. Mary will always hold a special place in my heart. She was truly one of the kindest people i have ever known. I will never forget her. I Love you Mary.

Mary Beth

I am so proud to be her namesake, that I passed it on to my daughter, Mary Catherine. I cherish the timees I spent at Aunt Mary's in the summertime when they lived on Eaarl Ave. I always had ssuch a good time, and felt so loved. I wish I could be there. I love her so much, and she will aalways be part of my life.


Met Mary 20 years ago.when she came to the door meeting me the first time with lunch fixed! I had no example of what a true mom was and she taught me how to be a great mom and grandmother. I loved watching her glowing face as we would go through each child and grandchild each visit bragging,worrying and pride showing. She grabbed your heart and held it for life. THANK YOU Mary McGraw for being in my life.

Judy and Polly Payton (former students)

Mrs. McGraw, the greatest teacher that ever lived as far as I and my sister are concerned. She was my 4th and 5th grade elementary teacher at Rubel Avenue School in the Highlands and Breckinridge Elementary School on Broadway in Louisville, KY. She also taught my sister Polly in 4th grade as well. At the beginning of every school year at Rubel Avenue there were usually too many children in a class and they were given the option to move to another teacher’s classroom. As a group of four (4) we volunteered to be moved to Mrs. McGraw’s class. Tim Wolford, Ruth Ann Hawkins, Shirley Whalen and myself.

In 4th grade at Rubel Avenue School, our class was in the “portable” which was behind the school and across the alley from the big playground. We had our own television and she let us do our work while watching the BASEBALL WORLD SERIES as well as teaching us how to play softball. We thoroughly enjoyed our daily softball games on the playground. She taught me NOT to throw the bat after hitting the ball!! We had one heck of a team thanks to Mrs. McGraw, and of course she was the pitcher.

She held spelling bees with cool prizes and we always had refreshments, popcorn and drinks and cartoon movies on Fridays. We always watched television whenever the NASA program sent rockets in to space and she kept us up to date on the US Space program.

When we were rowdy she would always fold her arms and calmly say “I’ll wait

Pam Nation

Mrs. McGraw was definitely one of the great teachers at Breckinridge Elementary on Broadway. I was one of her many fourth grade students (1973-1974) who held her in the highest regard. I survived the dreaded multiplication tables and long division that she pounded into our brains. I guess it I could say it stuck with me, I have been a high school math/science teacher for JCPS for 23 years now. I definitely owe my education foundation to the wonderful teachers like Mrs. McGraw that I had at Breckinridge. She was my "coolest" teacher when I was in grade school and I am proud to have been her student.

Nancy (Jackman) Novotny

Mrs. McGraw was my 5th grade teacher at Finzer Elementary 50 years ago (1962). She would always talk about Woodson, Mick and "Nancy".

I remember one day we were painting and our papers were on the floor while painting. She told me to bend at the waist instead of squatting. I was so upset (and very shy). I told her that I couldn't because people would see my underwear. She let me squat. I remembered she smiled as she usually did.

She would also rub my neck in reading group which almost put me to sleep. We always had a good time in her class. I have often thought of her throughout the last 50 years.

Steve (neighbor)

I had the high honor to cut Mary and Woody's grass as a youngster growing up on Lawrie Lane. I will see you again Mary, thanks for being my neighbor.

Gwen House Cork

To Woody Jr., Mick and Nancy,
My deepest sympathy is extended to you and your families. I had the privilege of teaching with Mary at Breckenridge Elementary, where we shared the same classroom participating in a program called Math Plus. We became very close and this joy was enhanced when my husband, Tom Cork and I joined in her special Christmas gatherings.
Your mother was special to all, our prayers are with you.
- Gwen Cork

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